List 1: Westerns and pre 1900s movies with overalls

This is a copy from my overalls blog. Currently  I don’t copy posts from my other blogs, maybe later (but add them to my A-Z list here). On my bedroom blogs, click on the year tags, especially 1870s. On my sailor suit blog search for “Western”.

Note that the links are wrong. Please check the original post on my other blog (also more pics) at




Little House on the Prairie




B-TV’s Tom Sawyer


Huckleberry Finn And His Friends (1979)

 Boys/Teen boys, men:


Girls/ Teen Girls Women

The reason for this list was the Sheriff Ben Danny book series.




2 thoughts on “List 1: Westerns and pre 1900s movies with overalls

  1. Jody says:

    I see you have the 1994 Yearling listed here, but not the 1946 version. Like the other version it is set in the back woods of Florida in the 1870s. In my opinion the earlier film is far superior to the 90s one.

    The main character is played by Claude Jarman who was probably 11 or 12 at the time of filming & he wears typical clothing of the day: trousers held up with suspenders and a pull over shirt with long tails. Sometimes he is bare foot and sometimes wears a vest and/or jacket.

    I think this movie is probably very accurate about the costume. The books it is based off was very well researched and apparently some of Gregory Peck’s wardrobe was actual period clothing not reproductions.

    You can see some photos in albums at the link below (album links on left of page).


    • Admin says:

      Thanks very much! I already checked your page.
      This list is from my overalls blog and so only list those scenes and also not only Westerns.
      Many movies, especially early ones are still missing.

      I somehow don’t like this actor and The Yearling is not a real Western to me. Maybe, I will add it later.


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