Welcome to my 4th blog

Hello, Welcome to my 4th blog. It’s also about movies and clothes (and maybe other good scenes). This time involving Western movies.

Although I don’t have much time I decided to make this blog to keep track of the movies I have seen and to help my readers buying and watching movies.

The same rules here. Comments will be moderated first. If you want to stay more private, comment on any of my other blogspot blogs (needs entering captcha).


Recently I found some good blogs but only kept very good movies. So I have to recheck most of the movies.

I currently don’t own many western DVDs so it’s a lot of work. Any help is appreciated.

For now please also check all my 3 other blogs that contain western stuff as well. Bib overalls, sailor suits and Lederhosen (including girls and women in sailor dresses) and bedrooms.

Especially my list about Western movies on my overalls blog and also books there.


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