Schloss Einstein


Kids TV series about a boarding school
-Year: 1998-
-Country: Germany
-Who in clothing: Sebastian, Mia ~13, others
-What clothes: hats
-Available on DVD: partly
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, TV recordings
-Clothing occurence: very low
-Rating: 4/10 *
-Rating: ****
-Comment: Marcus Wengler ~15 yo (freckled and wearing braces) in ep 130 (s3e14) in brown clothes including hat and vest. They are making a desert party as some students are going to leave far away from that boarding school (also singing) but other in no western clothes. Early episodes are not widescreen and are not available on DVD except for 2 compilations.

Jana Röhlinger in ep 500 (s11e20) and another teen girl and teen boy from a band singing in cowboy hats and scarves. She wears a longer blue jeans skirt. Good plot as she was afraid to perform on stage. And good song “Wer kann mir sagen, warum jetzt alles anders ist”.  Available on DVD.

I only remember these 2 scenes of this lengthy series. Very good series with lots of young actors. Also on all my 3 other blogs.

Main entry on my overalls blog with some separate entries rating up to 9. Not tagging overalls here. Some farm content but I not really western style.

For this brief scenes rating 4-5 only.

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