3:10 to Yuma (2007)


Western starring Russell Crowe. Remake
-Year: 2007
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing:  Marc ~11, William 14
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Clothing occurence: medium
-Rating: 4/10
-Rating: ****
-Comment: Benjamin Petry (Marc, pic 1 on the left and on pic 2) in a beige striped shirt, a dark brown jacket, a black hat and beige pants, but rather few scenes of him in the first part of the movie only. Logan Lerman playing his older brother. At the beginning he is shown sharing a bed with his brother (also on my bedroom blog, rating 3, scene is not in the 1957 version). I think he wears long johns and pants with suspenders. He is most often shown wearing a beige hat. Also some riding scenes (both, but more often Lerman). I haven’t used the famous pic showing Logan Lerman close up with a hat.  I also want to show their haircuts and shirts.

After having seen just the first half of this movie, purchasing the 1957 movie, I finally have checked almost this complete remake. Also starring Christian Bale, Ben Foster and Peter Fonda.

The handsome teen boy is more often shown than the teen boy in the classic version (b&w rating 4 as well). And about 2 years older than that teen boy.

Although very handsome (especially his eyes) I still prefer the classic 1957 movie.

In the classic there’s one scene, where some town kids looking through a window from outside, one even wearing jeans. I haven’t found that scene in here. I have seen a (publicity ?) pic of the remake with 2 younger boys and a dog run away (none in jeans) but I haven’t found that one either.

Of course both movies have the same plot, but the remake is much longer 122 minutes (30 minutes longer), so showing more (or longer) scenes and I think the 2nd half is much different.

The movie and the actors aren’t that bad and I almost considered buying it but I was a bit disappointed. I prefer younger and more handsome blond actors and jeans or overalls.

Rating 3-4.

Benjamin Petry also starred in the Italo western “Doc West” (2009) and I have to check that as well. Looking much better.


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