Info 4: Update: The Adventures of Spin and Marty


I am very happy that I bought this series on DVD. Still rating 10.

The DVD set consist of 2 DVDs in a tin box. Limited edition and lots of extras. RC1. Very rare and expensive in Europe. But I think my most important purchase since The Sugar Creek Gang (overalls blog, rating 10).

There are many boys and teen boys, I think 14 + another rodeo team at the end (about the last 3 episodes). All kids also rides and wearing cowboy hats. Most wearing shirts and T-shirts and only few (younger boys) real western clothes with applications. I have uploaded this new pic and that’s by coincidence the same scene than I had previously (but in better quality and showing the front of the boys). Also 2 boys wearing chaps at the rodeo. All wearing tight jeans (Marty beige cotton pants at the beginning). Many scenes showing kids sitting on the corral fence. One boy in soaked wet jeans at the end. Some boys are lying on the floor (on stomach or back) at the campfire, one falling from a horse. Also few boys sitting on a haystack.

Also some other good scenes at a bunkhouse (bedroom blog rating 8) with lots of bunk beds. Boys also shown wearing pajamas. A boxing scene with shirtless boys (Spin + Marty). Spin wearing dental braces but few close-up scenes.

Good plots of the episodes and partly funny and exciting. But I already forgot most about it after some days. Although the 25 episodes are very short (11 minutes) it’s hard to watch them all at once. Very good series but I think I won’t watch it more than once a year. RC1 I can only watch on the PC.

One DVD extra is a complete episode of a Mickey Mouse Club show also showing younger kids in cowboy clothes and wooden horses. Maybe I make an entry of that later. There’a also a scene of kids skiing, one wearing snow bibs, soon on my overalls blog.

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