Cattle Drive (1951)


Western starring Joel McCrea
-Year: 1951
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Chester Jr. 13
-Available on DVD: yes *
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: always
-Rating: 7/10 –
-Rating: *******
-Comment: At the beginning 13 or 14 yo Dean Stockwell in a black suit, black vest and grey pants (pic 3), also one other boy in a train (11 yo Timmy Hawkins ?). In the 2nd half of the movie Dean wears beige pants and a light brown shirt. Also riding. But at least one scene dark lit.

I haven’t checked the complete movie and I don’t like curly hair, but some scenes are very good (see pics, standing and sitting on the horse).

There is a DVD available but I think a mod so quite rare and expensive, especially outside the US. Not sure if I would buy it otherwise. I hope for a soon broadcasting instead.

Stockwell made lots of movies. Some westerns. (Stars in My Crown (1950), b&w, overalls blog rating 6, The Mighty McGurk (sailor suit blog, rating 6), some westerns like series Wagon Train but as an adult.

For now rating 7.

Update: now completetly seen. More scenes than thought. Even blue jeans at the end. But rather few good scenes. Rating maybe lower.




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