New stats


2 new entries on TOP 1 and 2. And none of them are in my personal TOP 10.

I still have very few visitors, around 20 each day (just real clicks, general blog readers probably more). On weekends around 40 hits.

Visiting countries (all time)

US 1,173, Italy 150, Germany 76, UK 73, Turkey 40, Russia 39, France 38, Croatia 23.

Search tearms are too few to mention.

Most clicked tags (last week): boys, color, blond, film, riding, not-western, unknown actors, many kids.

Note that the TOP POST & PAGES (and TOP clicks) stats are gathered from the last 2 weeks (I think) and have very few clicks each (around 1-2 each), some a bit more. So they aren’t very informative (even on my bib overalls blog).  And after a while the All-Time stats are also not very informative and rarely change. Monthly stats would be better, but it’s hard work as I would have to do it manually unlike on blogspot blogs. And I don’t do it for all my blogs.

No readers rating and no comments yet. 70 spam comments.


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