Update: Tommy and the Cool Mule


Now I have watched the complete movie I have bought on DVD. Still rating 9 (maybe 8).

There are mainly 5 boys (including Tommy) and later one blond girl riding (pic 1). Several good riding scenes and at the end a rodeo / riding competition. My favourite is the opponent Nathan (14 yo Jordan Reynolds, pic 1) and there are also good scenes, riding and cycling (at 57 min.) of Tommy (Grant Barker, pic 2) but he is looking younger than 13 and I don’t like his haircut. Best riding scenes at 8 minutes (Nathan).

Pic 3 at about 1h03, other pics near the end. I haven’t checked the DVD extras yet (making of, 30 minutes).

There is also a young boy and girl in bib overalls, but very brief scenes (soon on my overalls blog, rating 2). Also on my bedroom blog (separate room, rating 5).

Luckily few annoying scenes with the talking mule. Good family movie set in Texas. Few funny scenes. Some swimming scenes but of younger kids and from a dstance. Also one older boy in longer shiny shorts. Good rodeo clothes and cowboy hats, but no chaps. A younger blond boy in the gang (pic 1 on the right) unfortunately rather few good scenes with him.

Note that I haven’t posted my favourite pics but the pics to identify the actors and to best show the western clothes which are mainly at the arena.

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