Friendly Persuasion (1956)


Western starring Gary Cooper
-Year: 1956
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Little Jess ~10, others
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: low *
-Rating: 3/10 ?
-Rating: ***
-Comment: Richard Eyer in a black Quaker uniform including a black flat hat, also with a Civil War cap and grey pants with suspenders and a pink shirt. Also another boy with a straw hat.

I recently have seen some parts of it but I somehow don’t like it. Also starring Anthony Perkins. Directed by William Wyler (Ben Hur).

Rating 3 for now.

He also appeared in other westerns (“Quantrill’s Raiders (1958)” and Gun Smoke (1959 episodes) which might me much better (because he’s a bit older there).

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