Rolling Home (1946)


PD western starring Jean Parker
-Year: 1946
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Gary ~14
-Available on DVD: yes (mod)
-B&W or color: b&w
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: medium
-Rating: 7/10
-Rating: *******
-Comment: 14 or 15 yo Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry in jeans, light and black shirts, and black cowboy hat. Also riding with the girl. I think 2 riding scenes. One good at 37 minutes.

He also starred in other westerns both earlier and later. I have to check more from him.

Good jeans and riding scenes. But rather few. And not a real western. 71 minutes. Pic 1 near the end, pic 2 at 3-9 minutes, looking more like a woman here.

Rating 6-7.


Our Gang Follies of 1936


Classic comedy short film (Little Rascals)
-Year: 1935
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Alfalfa ~7
-What clothes: pants, chaps, hat
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: b&w/color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low ?
-Rating: 5/10
-Rating: *****
-Comment: Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer in a brown short, black pants (maybe jeans) and obviously chaps.

I think a brief scene only. Also many other kids in costumes and bib overalls (overalls blog rating 3 only).

I like classics, but most kids are very young here and movies are short. 18 minutes, originally b&w or colorized.

Rating 4-5 for this one.

Update: Pic might be from Fishy Tales (1937) or similar scene in same clothes.

Little Boy (2015)


Drama starring Kevin James
-Year: 2015
-Country: USA, Mexico
-Who in clothing: Pepper Flint 7
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low ?
-Rating: 3/10 ?
-Rating: ***
-Comment: 7 yo (when filmed) Jakob Salvati (with a blond bowl cut) as 8 yo “Little Boy” in light brown corduroy and darker bib overalls (also shortalls with western boots), backside simple suspenders only (also riding on a horse and tricycle) but also in stone washed blue jeans bibs (with lighter straps).

Also on my overalls blog (rating 4).

This movie is set in 1945 and is not a Western but at least has some Western scenes (dream scene, maybe short).

Looks like a very interesting movie, although he’s very young. I have to check the complete movie later.

Rating 3-4 for now for the western scenes. Movie maybe higher. The other actors might be more of interest.

Billy (1991 or 1992 Italian film)


Kid’s Western / Fantasy. Director Jean-Pierre Duriez
-Year: 1991
-Country: Italy
-Who in clothing: Billy ~10, girl 9, boys, teens
-Available on DVD: VHS *
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: often ?
-Rating: 8/10 ?
-Rating: ********
-Comment: 10 yo Francesco Blasio (probably in jeans with a white hat, see link on the left) and several kids including most or all of the Western actors (including a gang of teens up to at least 15 yo and girls). Most or all in jeans. A 9 yo girl Sarah Lou Duriez (maybe daughter of the director or even sister) as Lou Lou. Obviously both modern and western setting (probably much more western scenes). Rodeo scenes and looks like also someone standing in brown chaps.

A very rare movie. No entry on IMDb. There should be a VHS, but not sure if it was officially released for the public. OOP anyway. The only good pics I found are here

Cinematographer Silvio Fraschetti, produced by Cinecitta Luce. Filmed in 1991. Theatralic release probably in Dec. VHS release probably in 1992.

Some more infos in English and cast at

Can anybody help finding more pics or clips or even or DVD or can tell more about it? Rating 8 for now.

Kidsongs: I Can Dance


Musical videos
-Year: 1998
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: boys ~9-15, girls
-What clothes: jeans, hats
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low *
-Rating: 6/10
-Rating: ******
-Comment: 15 boys and girls (more than pictured) in jeans and western clothes. Song: The Yellow Rose of Texas. S4e6.

There are also better songs on this DVD. Also including bib overalls (rating 5 for this DVD and much more for other DVDs).

I also have found some of their names. For more infos see my other blog.

Main entry here, rating 7 (including chaps)


Walker, Texas Ranger – s6e3


I  found by coincidence also young Haley Joel Osment is s6e3 getting a cowboy hat.

Probably there are much more interesting episodes but I often miss it on TV.

I already had an entry (blond boy, a bit older, rating 4). Also on my overalls blog (currently women only, rating up to 4).

Series has to be completetly rechecked at some time.

Rating 3 for this episode for now. He’s very young.

Main entry