Billy (1991 or 1992 Italian film)


Kid’s Western / Fantasy. Director Jean-Pierre Duriez
-Year: 1991
-Country: Italy
-Who in clothing: Billy ~10, girl 9, boys, teens
-Available on DVD: VHS *
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: often ?
-Rating: 8/10 ?
-Rating: ********
-Comment: 10 yo Francesco Blasio (probably in jeans with a white hat, see link on the left) and several kids including most or all of the Western actors (including a gang of teens up to at least 15 yo and girls). Most or all in jeans. A 9 yo girl Sarah Lou Duriez (maybe daughter of the director or even sister) as Lou Lou. Obviously both modern and western setting (probably much more western scenes). Rodeo scenes and looks like also someone standing in brown chaps.

A very rare movie. No entry on IMDb. There should be a VHS, but not sure if it was officially released for the public. OOP anyway. The only good pics I found are here

Cinematographer Silvio Fraschetti, produced by Cinecitta Luce. Filmed in 1991. Theatralic release probably in Dec. VHS release probably in 1992.

Some more infos in English and cast at

Can anybody help finding more pics or clips or even or DVD or can tell more about it? Rating 8 for now.


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