Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues


-Year: 1983
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Jeremiah ~12, Kate ~40 ?
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low ?
-Rating: 4/10
-Rating: ****
-Comment: A boy (Charles Fields) in typical light brown clothes and a darker hat, also on a horse. Also a woman, looks like Linda Evans in a light beige shirt and hat and beige pants and a gun belt.

I don’t remember the complete movie. Looks like a typical western with typical plot and clothes.

So rating 4-5 only.

I also have the prequel with a different 13 yo boy (Ronnie Scribner) as Jeremiah (rating 3)


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