Update: Hondo (1953)


Has been aired 2 days ago. Unfortunately I have missed the first half this time. I think I have seen that many years ago but can’t remember much. There are also scenes of 9 yo Lee Aaker wearing blue jeans instead of the brown pants. I didn’t knew that. Some scenes are very good and interesting. John Wayne throwing him in the creek so that the boy learn to swim (pic 1). Before that he was standing and fishing.

Pic 2 is from the end. He appears very young and small sometimes even much younger than 9 yo but sometimes older, especially his face. Very handsome and good blond haircut. One teeth is missing.

At least 2 scenes in jeans also in the house but briefly shown. The scene in the main entry is better. I still have to recheck the complete movie. It’s definitely worth buying but I just wait for the next airing.

Main entry, currently rating at least 8 at#




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