Der Ölprinz (1965)


Western starring Stewart Granger
-Year: 1965
-Country: Germany, Yu
-Who in clothing: boys, girls ~5-10
-Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: low
-Rating: 5/10 ?
-Rating: *****
-Comment: Some, mainly younger kids, boys and girls in different clothes. A boy in beige pants with H-style suspenders, one in a brown suit, another in pants (jeans) and a green shirt. The kids are singing, conducted by Heinz Erhardt.

Girls in pigtails, some in sailor-style dresses. Also some women.

Some other scenes of (this and/or other) kids, but mainly from a distance and in the background.

Starring Pierre Brice, Terence Hill and many others. A similar Karl May movie has been aired before that (coming soon).

Rating 5 only. Somehow I never paid much attention to Winntou movies and most I don’t like.


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