Everything That Rises


TV drama of a ranch boy starring/directed by Dennis Quaid
-Year: 1998
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Nathan ~14, boys 6-17
-Available on DVD: VCD and VHS only?
B&W or color: color
-I own: no, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: medium ?
-Rating: 7/10 ?
-Rating: *******
-Comment: Several ranch boys including Ryan Merriman as Nathan ~14 yo in nice Cowboy hats and jeans. Good riding and rodeo scenes. Many supporting actors. Probably women in Cowboy hats as well.

I found this on an old PC and first didn’t remember the original title. And also couldn’t find it under the German title.

I also have this on my bib overalls blog (6 yo boy, rating 7-).

Very interesting movie. Also good bedroom scenes (shirtless Nathan in underwear being creamed by his mom). No entry yet on my bedroom blog.


Donovan’s Kid


Disney TV movie
-Year: 1979
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: girl Jamie ~13, others
-Available on DVD: VHS
B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: medium ?
-Rating: 6/10 ?
-Rating: ******
-Comment: Katy Kurtzman in blonde pigtails (and open hair) and Cowboy clothes including hat and also wearing another cap. Brown pants and also a short, orange dress (with a sailor-style collar and also with the Cowboy hat).

There are also other (sipporting) actors including a boy like 13 or 14 yo Rusty Gilligan, but I haven’t found him yet, as I only have seen some parts of this movie.

Quite interesting. Not a real Western but at least partly Western-like setting. Set in 1900s San Francisco.

Also on my pigtails blog, rating 7.

Rating 5-6 for now.

The Littlest Hobo (1979)


Family series with dog. Remake, 114 ep
-Year: 1979-1985
-Country: Canada
-Who in clothing: boys ~7-15, girl, woman
-Available on DVD: yes *
B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low ?
-Rating: 7/10 ?
-Rating: *******
-Comment: Some boys, teen boys, men, girl and woman with hats and jeans. Ranch and rodeo settings. Some few men in bib overalls. Also boys, girls and women in shiny shorts.

Pic 1 from s5e8, pic 2 from s4e1.

I still haven’t checked all episodes.

Also on all my other blogs (except sailor suits), rating up to 9.

Officially on DVD only seasons 1-2.

Rating 6-7 for now.

Update 2: Hondo (1953)


Yesterday, I have finally seen this John Wayne Western completely.

Lee Aaker is very handsome but small. Blonde hair, almost a bowl cut. Rather few, but good scenes of him in the first half and no jeans.

Also a brief riding scene, I previously not knew. Good plot and some funny scenes. He was knocked down when shooting (pic 1).

Still rating 8.


2nd half in jeans, also headshots

Hondo (1967) series, rating 7

Welcome to Hard Times


Western starring Henry Fonda
-Year: 1967
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Jimmy ~14
-Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
-I own: no, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: medium+
-Rating: 7/10 ?
-Rating: *******
-Comment: 14 or 15 yo Michael Shea in an olive shirt, a brown vest and blue jeans (also sitting). Also in a night shirt.

I found some parts on one of my old VHS tapes. But I have check the complete movie more carefully (no riding scenes ?).

Obviously several (good) scenes. Also a nice bedroom scene (soon on my other blog, rating ~6).

Handsome blonde teen boy.

So rating 7-8 for now.