Gunsmoke (1955) s18e11


TV Western series, 635 episodes in 20 seasons
Year: 1955-1975
Country: USA
Who in clothing: John ~10, Maria 8
What clothes: pants, dress
Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+ ?
Rating: 8/10 ?
Rating: ********
Comment: A handsome boy and girl in this 1972 episode, I think this are Leif Garrett and Dawn Lyn. Typical clothes like pants with suspenders and a dress. But also nightwear. I think as usual rather few good scenes of the kids.

I have checked some few more episodes and found some more scenes of interest. More entries coming later.

Rating 8-9 for this one. Also on my bib overalls and other blogs.

Main entry, rating up to 9 at



The A-Team


Action series starring Mr. T
-Year: 1983-1987
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: boy ~10, men
-Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low *
-Rating: 8/10
-Rating: ********
-Comment: One young boy in blue jeans bib overalls in s2e6. Western town setting. Also men in Cowboy, ranch or rodeo clothes in this and maybe some more episodes. Not sure about other boys or women. I haven’t seen all episodes.

Copied from my bib overalls blog (rating 8). But I have different tags here.

Also now on my shiny shorts blog.

Rating 8 for now.

Update 2: Hondo (1953)


Yesterday, I have finally seen this John Wayne Western completely.

Lee Aaker is very handsome but small. Blonde hair, almost a bowl cut. Rather few, but good scenes of him in the first half and no jeans.

Also a brief riding scene, I previously not knew. Good plot and some funny scenes. He was knocked down when shooting (pic 1).

Still rating 8.


2nd half in jeans, also headshots

Hondo (1967) series, rating 7

Gunsmoke (1955) s19e7


TV Western series 1955-1975
-Year: 1973
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Caleb ~12
-Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Clothing occurence: often
-Rating: 8/10
-Rating: ********
-Comment: Clay O’Brien again in this episode. This time wearing typical dark brown pants. With and without a flat hat. With and without a dark brown and a green jacket. Several good scenes.

In s18e1+2, so one year earlier he wore light blue bib overalls, even shirtless rating 9.

Handsome blonde boy. He also appeared in The Cowboys (1972) rating 6. And LHOTP rating 9 as well (1975).

He also appeared 1973 in Cahill U.S. Marshal (rating 5), The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) rating 5 and some other movies and series. To check: One Little Indian (1973), Mackintosh and T.J. (1975) and Climb an Angry Mountain (1972). Hog Wild (1974) is still on my rare movies list (overalls blog) with a wet, barefooted and shirtless boy in overalls (O’Brien ?)

Rating 8-9 for this episode. Main entry (rating 9) with some other kids


Update: Hondo (1953)


Has been aired 2 days ago. Unfortunately I have missed the first half this time. I think I have seen that many years ago but can’t remember much. There are also scenes of 9 yo Lee Aaker wearing blue jeans instead of the brown pants. I didn’t knew that. Some scenes are very good and interesting. John Wayne throwing him in the creek so that the boy learn to swim (pic 1). Before that he was standing and fishing.

Pic 2 is from the end. He appears very young and small sometimes even much younger than 9 yo but sometimes older, especially his face. Very handsome and good blond haircut. One teeth is missing.

At least 2 scenes in jeans also in the house but briefly shown. The scene in the main entry is better. I still have to recheck the complete movie. It’s definitely worth buying but I just wait for the next airing.

Main entry, currently rating at least 8 at#



Horse Crazy


Family film. Director Eric Hendershot
-Year: 2001
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Tyler 8, Stoney, girl Sam
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: often ?
-Rating: 8/10 ?
-Rating: ********
-Comment: I think Michael Glauser, Jonathan Cronin and Brittany Armstrong in jeans and western clothes (she in white corduroy overalls or shortalls, overalls blog rating 3). Nice hats and even chaps. Also riding scenes.

I remember having seen it on TV but some years ago and hope for a soon rebroadcasting.

Eric Hendershot did some very interesting movies with handsome kids, good plots and good scenes/clothes.

The kids are quite young here but I give rating 8 for now.

Billy (1991 or 1992 Italian film)


Kid’s Western / Fantasy. Director Jean-Pierre Duriez
-Year: 1991
-Country: Italy
-Who in clothing: Billy ~10, girl 9, boys, teens
-Available on DVD: VHS *
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: often ?
-Rating: 8/10 ?
-Rating: ********
-Comment: 10 yo Francesco Blasio (probably in jeans with a white hat, see link on the left) and several kids including most or all of the Western actors (including a gang of teens up to at least 15 yo and girls). Most or all in jeans. A 9 yo girl Sarah Lou Duriez (maybe daughter of the director or even sister) as Lou Lou. Obviously both modern and western setting (probably much more western scenes). Rodeo scenes and looks like also someone standing in brown chaps.

A very rare movie. No entry on IMDb. There should be a VHS, but not sure if it was officially released for the public. OOP anyway. The only good pics I found are here

Cinematographer Silvio Fraschetti, produced by Cinecitta Luce. Filmed in 1991. Theatralic release probably in Dec. VHS release probably in 1992.

Some more infos in English and cast at

Can anybody help finding more pics or clips or even or DVD or can tell more about it? Rating 8 for now.

Horse Sense (1999)


Family film starring Joseph+Andrew Lawrence
-Year: 1999
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Tommy ~10
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Clothing occurence: medium ?
-Rating: 8/10
-Rating: ********
-Comment: Andy Lawrence in jeans and cowboy hats and different rodeo-style shirts. Also riding. His older brother Joey is bullied by him but he is very old here.

Very good ranch family movie. I like Andy. Very good riding scenes. And one of his best movies and maybe even one of my favourite movies.

Rating 8 although it’s not a western.

I have a TV recording somewhere but haven’t seen it for years.

Update: A Gunfight


I have completetly seen this movie at regular speed and considered a purchase. Rated 8. Very good movie. Setting and plot. Unfortunately rather few scenes with the boy (best scenes at the beginning, later scenes in the middle end end of the movie).

Next to the blond Eric Douglas (pic 1) there are also some few other kids in jeans (middle and end).

There are also some men in blue bib overalls what is quite rare in westerns.

2 brief riding scenes of Eric. First not alone and then only sitting on a horse. Good tight pants. Unfortunately no jeans but typical brown pants with suspenders.

His blond hair and blue shirt looks very good and fit perfectly to the setting, sky and background.