Little House on the Prairie – season 1


Some more pics of season 1, which is my favourite one.

Pic 1 from s1e20 inside the one-room schoolhouse. Not sure about their names (almost all are uncredited). One might be Steve Shaw.

Pic 2 is from s1e2 (or 5) outside the school. The redhaired boy in overalls is Robert Hoffman. Not sure about the other names (except Laura and Mary).

Pic 3 again inside the school in s1e2 or 3 also showing some more girls including in blonde pigtails.

For more pics check out my other blog, especially my bib overalls blog and pigtails blog (also of later seasons).

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Gunsmoke (1955) – season 20


I have posted some more episodes of season 20 on both my bib overalls and pigtails blogs, so boys and girls. Some more posts also coming there later.

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No need for posting everything twice. Pic from s20e13 (2 boys in overalls).

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Update: King of the Wild Stallions


Finally, I have received this DVD. Rating (8)-9 was correct. Jerry Hartleben “3:10 to Yuma” is indeed very good and many scenes in different clothes with him. (Of course jeans and bib overalls would even be better.)

Beige, soft cotton pants with and without red brown suspenders and Cowboy hat, green shirt and some other interesting pink and flowerded shirts. Also the other half in soft, grey, checkered cotton pants, I think riding in both.

I prefer the beige pants but also good sitting in the grey ones (rear view) and often been trapped in the butt crack. Riding scenes mainly from a distance.

Good scenes at 18 minutes, 34-41, 57 and also later. I have seen the complete movie once at regular speed but will rewatch it again soon and at slow speed. Pic 2 is at 18 minutes, pics 1+4 in the middle, pic 3 near the end.

DVD is a RC0 DVDr with excellent, remastered image quality. No extras. The main plot is quite good, partly Lassie-like and including a wild horse, but somehow it could have been made better. I wonder if anybody buys this not because of Jerry.

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King of the Wild Stallions


Western starring George Montgomery
-Year: 1959
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Bucky ~12
-Available on DVD: yes
B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, DVD
-Clothing occurence: often-
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: Blonde, handsome Jerry Hartleben in this movie in different pants with and without suspenders. Also riding in beige pants with and without Cowboy hat. Obviously many, very good scenes. So I have even ordered this DVD (Warner MOD).

I like him in 3:10 to Yuma (1957), my first entry and reason for this blog and one of my first non-overalls Westerns I bought.

I don’t know/don’t remember this complete movie, yet, and so will make an update of this later. Could take 2-3 weeks to arrive this import MOD. It’s not that cheap (I used to buy used DVDs) but including international shipping it’s probably worth it.

Should be a “Family friendly” Western. Looks like good image quality. I hope it not a DVDr.

Rating even 9-10 for now.

Update: Rating 9 was correct.



Gunsmoke (1955)


TV Western series, 635 episodes in 20 seasons
-Year: 1955-1975
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Turtle 11, Tommy 14, others
-What clothes: (jeans) overalls, pants
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: low ?
-Rating: 9/10 ?
-Rating: *********
-Comment: Some very famous kid actors, some in overalls (even jeans fabric), others in typical brown pants with suspenders.

Pic 1 showing Brandon Cruz (“Kung Fu (1972)“, rating 5) in today’s episode s18e5. Pic 2 showing Clay O’Brien as Turtle in s18e1+2 (overalls blog rating 9), pic 3 below showing Lance Kerwin as Tommy in s20e17 in dark brown overalls (for more see my overalls blog).

11 yo blonde boy in s12e09 (overalls blog, rating 5)

10 yo redhaired Stephen Liss in s13e02 (rating 6)

6 yo Eric Shea and 8 yo Kerry MacLane in s13e11 (rating 5)

8 yo Mike Durkin, 6 yo Susan Olsen in s14e8, rating 5

8 yo Eric Shea in s14e23 (rating 5)

9 yo Mike Durkin, 7 yo Susan Olsen in s15e6 (rating 3)

14 or 15 yo Ron Howard in s15e07 (rating 3)

8 yo Trent Lehman and boys and girls outside school in s15e08 (rating 5)

14 yo redhaired Craig Huxley, 8 yo Erical Petal in s15e14 (rating 3)

15 yo Manuel Padilla Jr. in s15e16 (rating 2)

(Teen) Boys, girls outside school in s17e01, rating 3

11 yo Johnny Whitaker in s17e3/e4 (see overalls blog).

Willie Aames, Todd Lookinland, Josh Albee, Jodie Foster in s17e15, rating 3

11 yo Brian Morrison and Jody Foster in s17e20 (rating 3)

14 yo Vincent Van Patten in s18e03 (rating 6) and s19e4 (overalls blog rating 7)

9 yo Ike Eisenmann and 13 yo Josh Albee in s18e8 (rating 6)

10 yo Leif Garrett and an 8 yo girl in s18e11 (rating 8)

10 yo Ike Eisenmann in s18e18 (rating 4)

12 or 13 yo Willie Aames in s18e19 in beige overalls (rating 6, overalls blog)

13 yo Wendell Baker in s18e21 in a clean brown suit (rating 3)

12 yo Clay O’Brien in s19e7 in brown pants (rating 8)

Boys+girls, William Shriver in s19e13, one-room schoolhouse, rating 6

8 yo Todd Lookinland s19e20 in beige pants and suit+bow tie (rating 3)

~12 yo Eric Olson s20e7 in beige pants with suspenders (rating 4)

~9 yo Todd Lookinland and 5 other boys in s20e13, 2 in overalls, rating 5

Michael LeClair in s20e16 in light brown bib overalls (rating 5 overalls blog)

Boys ~7, 11 in s20e19 being baptized (rating 6)

Basques boys and girls in s20e23 (rating 4)

I don’t know all episodes. The series is currently broadcasted on German’s RTL Nitro and also available on DVD.

For more infos and more episodes see my overalls blog and my new pigtails blog.

Rating 9 for now.


The Lone Ranger (1949)


Western series starring Clayton Moore, 221 ep
-Year: 1949-1957
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Scott True ~12, Keo ?
-What clothes: jeans, hat
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color (s5)
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: medium *
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: 2 boys in s5e29 Ghost Town Fury (1957). I think it’s Brad Morrow (1942-1997) in jeans, also riding. The other Indian Boy is maybe Carlos Vera.

Several good scenes at least in this episode (earlier seasons are b&w but I only have checked few other episodes with no kids). Good tight jeans front+rear view and good sitting and riding scenes.

Brad Morrow also appeared in other famous series like Rawhide, Wagon Train, Bonanza, Lassie, Spin and Marty, and some more but in few episodes only.

Rating 8-9 for this episode. (Could even be better, blond, more actors, more scenes). I have to check more episodes. According IMDb they only appeared in one more episode.

Update: Tommy and the Cool Mule


Now I have watched the complete movie I have bought on DVD. Still rating 9 (maybe 8).

There are mainly 5 boys (including Tommy) and later one blond girl riding (pic 1). Several good riding scenes and at the end a rodeo / riding competition. My favourite is the opponent Nathan (14 yo Jordan Reynolds, pic 1) and there are also good scenes, riding and cycling (at 57 min.) of Tommy (Grant Barker, pic 2) but he is looking younger than 13 and I don’t like his haircut. Best riding scenes at 8 minutes (Nathan).

Pic 3 at about 1h03, other pics near the end. I haven’t checked the DVD extras yet (making of, 30 minutes).

There is also a young boy and girl in bib overalls, but very brief scenes (soon on my overalls blog, rating 2). Also on my bedroom blog (separate room, rating 5).

Luckily few annoying scenes with the talking mule. Good family movie set in Texas. Few funny scenes. Some swimming scenes but of younger kids and from a dstance. Also one older boy in longer shiny shorts. Good rodeo clothes and cowboy hats, but no chaps. A younger blond boy in the gang (pic 1 on the right) unfortunately rather few good scenes with him.

Note that I haven’t posted my favourite pics but the pics to identify the actors and to best show the western clothes which are mainly at the arena.

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Tommy and the Cool Mule


Ranch family film
-Year: 2009
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing:  boys, girls ~11-15
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes
-Clothing occurence: medium
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: Several boys and girls I think mainly preteens in jeans and cowboy hats. Ranch and rodeo scenes.

Obviously a perfect ranch movie.

Usually I rarely buy DVDs, especially not if there’s a stream online. maybe I have even seen it on TV.

But there are some very good riding scenes (front+rear view), some handsome actors and a good plot. I hope to receive it soon due to the postal strikes and will update this soon. Also good bedroom scenes, rating 5.

Rating 9-10 for now. Not 10 because it’s not a western.

Updated entry (rating 8-9)


Little House on the Prairie


Family/Western series
-Year: 1974-1983
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: boys, girls ~6-17
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Clothing occurence: often
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: Several boys and girls (preteen and teens) in different clothes, some in bib overalls including even a teen girl (see my overalls blog, rating up to 9, separate season entries).

Pic from s3e16 which had recently been aired. I always thought that this is Clay O’Brien but he only appeared in s2e6 (in overalls). Probably it’s Brian Part. Beige pants with suspenders. Also some girls.

Some famous boy actors in other episodes including Matthew Labyorteaux, Jason Bateman, Ike Eisenmann, Lance Kerwin and Mitch Vogel.

I like this series (although it mainly shows girls) but I prefer The Waltons which is set much later (1930s and 40s, so no western setting).

For more infos and pics see all my other blogs. Updates:

S1e3 Lance Kerwin and others, rating 7

Boys and girls in s1e20 and other episodes of season 1.

Boys and girl in s4e16, rating 6.

Dallas (1978)


Ranch TV series
-Year: 1978-1991
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: John Ross ~14, Christopher 11-12
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color
-I own: S13,14
-Clothing occurence: low
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: Omri Katz as John Ross (in both pics on the left) and film cousin Joshua Harris sometimes in tight jeans and cowboy hats. Also riding (but few scenes). Probably also young women in cowboy hats and maybe more actors. 2 brief scenes of Omri in different bib overalls (not riding), see my overalls blog, rating 7. Also on my bedroom blog, rating 4. They aren’t show very often and they also wear suits, suit pants and ties. Omri also light blue and white jeans.

How could I forget this famous ranch series? I even own 2 DVD sets. The German DVDs obviously don’t fulfill the DVD standards and some parts (around 1 hour) can’t be played on none of my players nor my PCs.

Both pics are from the final season 14. Also both shirtless in perfect swim shorts (Omri in light purple ones). 2 brief riding scenes of Omri. Joshua Harris a bit more often, also in season 13 (and maybe other seasons as well). Of course they are younger in earlier seasons. Maybe there are also other good scenes of interest with other actors in the 70s or 80s. But most likely very few scenes of younger actors.

I like Omri Katz, so rating 9. But I think I have to focus more on real western movies.

Update: Ronnie Scribner in s3e4, rating 7